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AAPC'S mission incorporates the establishment and maintenance of professional, ethical, and educational standards for all parties concerned with procedural coding.

By becoming a member of the AAPC, a coder not only receives a greater understanding of the coding field through education and networking, but also receives much deserved recognition as a coding professional.

ShowMe AAPC Officers

2007 Officers

Gere Harmon, CPC, President

Caroline Kruger, CPC, President Elect

Nancy Hayes, CPC, Education

Donna Epperly, CPC-A, Secreatry/Treasurer

Pam Matheny, CPC, Membership

2006 Officers

Diedre Stone, CPC, President

Gere Harmon, CPC, President Elect

Caroline Kruger, CPC, Secretary

Michele Sisson-White, CPC, Treasurer

2005 Officers

Becky Boone, CPC  President

Diedre Stone, CPC  President Elect

Lisa Glass, CPC  Secretary

Toby Class, CPC  Treasurer

2004 Officers

Ann Juengermann, CPC  President

Becky Boone, CPC  President Elect

Nancy Nash, CPC  Secretary

Susan Todd, CPC  Treasurer

2003 Officers

Darlene Ornburn, CPC, President

Ann Juengermann, CPC, President Elect

Gere Harmon CPC, Secretary

Vicky Roberts, CPC, Treasurer

2002 Officers

Brenda Diehls CPC, President

Darlene Ornburn CPC, President Elect

Gere Harmon CPC, Secretary

Rita Luntsford CPC, Treasurer